Testimonials  from clinic/camp attendees as well as collegiate and age group swimmers Coach Ryan has coached over the years

"These are hands down the best clinics around!! Absolutely the best investment for any swimmer. My son attended a Butterfly Stroke clinic before Christmas. He is already a very strong fly swimmer but after attending a freestyle clinic and seeing how Coach Ryan breaks each stroke down to the smallest detail, we figured he might be able to teach our son something to give him an extra edge in the water. Coach Ryan worked with him to adjust his turn to maximize his power off the wall. That one change made all the difference. In my son's first race after the clinic, he dropped 18 sec off his 200 Fly. Unbelievable results!!" - Robin Franz
"A wonderful experience for both of our swimmers. Thank you Coach Ryan, Ashley, and your awesome assistants! We had a wonderful time. The kids worked hard and are excited about all that they learned this weekend. My son Zaine commented that Coach Ryan helped him think about aspects of swimming, he thought he could never improve on. We're looking forward to putting our new skills to the test. We can't wait to learn more in July!" - Lanina Cook
"Coach Mallam is great at finding weaknesses in a stroke and coming up with ways to correct them." - Brad Tandy, South African Olympian, NCAA Champion 50 Free
"Ryan coached me as an age-group swimmer, and taught me to be a student of the sport! I would highly recommend these camps and clinics if you are looking for a different way to think about swimming FAST!" - Keaton Koukis, Head Coach of Transylvania University Men's and Women's Swimming
"Ryan’s style and coaching strategies can really bring new life into a swimmers stroke. First hand I was able to feel unique benefits in my technique after swimming with Ryan. Well placed comments and stroke isolation drills teach athletes ideal focal points while they swim. Ryan can undoubtedly teach you something new about all the strokes, I would recommend giving his ideas a chance!" - Luke Shaw, NCAA Division 1 qualifier, 2014-2015 / Volunteer Assistant Coach University of Texas Summer of 2015 / Volunteer Assistant Coach Texas A&M 2015-2016

Christian Lorenz, Sun Devil Speed Swimming Clinic Assistant

"Ryan came in my senior year in college. I thought I was aware of my stroke, but he gave me a new outlook on how I followed through with my freestyle/backstroke. He gives you a different perspective towards your swimming, and explains it in a way that is easy to transfer in the water. I would highly recommend swimmers of any age to take part in Coach Mallam’s clinics and camps. You won’t regret it!" - Kelli Benjamin, NCAA All American, Texas A&M University School Record Holder, 2015 Texas A&M University Student-Athlete of the Year
"I was lucky to swim under Ryan as an age group swimmer. He transformed my stroke and helped me swim FAST! During summer breaks from college, I would come home and ALWAYS learn something new to take back with me. He enables you to look at your stroke a different way. I highly recommend working with Ryan to improve your swimming!" - Brittany Stevens, University of Pittsburgh
"Excellent value; a wonderful opportunity to work with one of USA's up and coming world class coaches." - Donnie Walker, Texas A&M Swimming and Diving 2013- 2014 Team Captain