Summer Training Camp 2017 Featuring Bob Bowman and Ryan Mallam

We had a packed weekend of advanced training for these competitive swimmers! They came from all over the country and all over the world to train with our world class coaches. The athletes in attendance were stellar, motivated swimmers who were looking to gain motivation and an edge on their competition. The camp is highlighted with Bob Bowman's long course Olympic preparation training sessions and his highly motivating and informative Q&A session. They also take part in Coach Mallam's sprint course sessions, dryland and power and resistance work. The division I college athletes that assist and coach alongside Bob and Ryan are amazing and very passionate about their sport as well as teaching others to excel! What a great weekend!

Spring Training Camp 2017 Featuring Bob Bowman

Our campers had a wonderful time with lots of one on one instruction last weekend! They received long course training from Head Coach Bob Bowman, sprint and power and resistance training with Associate Head Coach Ryan Mallam and dryland sessions.These swimmers experienced Olympic style coaching, power towers, hybrid buckets and pushed themselves to try new workouts. They also had a great Q&A session with Coach Bobo Bowman and the ASU collegiate swimmer assistants. They left motivated and prepared for championship training!

Breaststroke Skill Breakdown clinic Jan. 22, 2017

We went indoors for this clinic to keep warm and cozy. The smiling, laughing groups are always my favorite and this was a good group of swimmers! We received some great feedback of progress and noticeable, faster changes the week after the clinic. Coach Ryan loves it when he makes those connections with the swimmers and they apply to their daily workouts!

Holiday Training Camp Day 3

Our last day of Holiday Training Camp was very eventful! The weather was as eventful as the training! However, the training could not be beat! Not many swimmers get to experience Coach Bowman's Olympic Preparation Race Pace Set! These kids were physically and mentally pushed and rose to the occasion. The swimmers and parents had a Q&A session with Bob Bowman and were presented with insightful and inspiring advice from the coach of the most decorated Olympian of all time. They ended the day with Coach Mallam's final Hour of Power, including his relay start drill progression. We could not have asked for a better start to our first Training Camp series and are looking forward to growing and presenting many more in the future!

Holiday Training Camp Day 2

Second day of Holiday Training Camp consisted of morning IM training with Coach Bob Bowman. A question and answer session for the swimmers with the ASU collegiate swimming assistants. They were able to ask any questions they had about collegiate swimming and what it is like to be a college athlete. They experienced two dryland sessions, lots of arm circles, endless lunges and ab work galore! The also had another Hour of Power with Coach Ryan Mallam. These are some sore swimmers! Rigorous, advanced holiday training at it's finest!

Holiday Training Camp Day 1

Holiday Training Camp Day 1 in the books!! Wow! These kids came ready to train and train they did! The day started with a great morning long course session with Coach Bob Bowman. Dynamic warm-ups and an Hour of Power Circuit with Associate Head Coach Ryan Mallam. An intense kick circuit to work on leg strength and fitness followed and they even fit in a walk up A mountain! We are excited to see what tomorrow brings!

Power Training Edition Clinic at ASU, Dec. 11, 2016

Associate Head Coach Ryan Mallam's new swim clinic series includes his new Power Training Edition Clinic. We had our first power clinic last Sunday and it was a blast! The attendees experienced the Power Towers, Vertical Resistance Training and Hybrid Buckets. All of the drills that were presented are geared toward power and resistance. It was a fantastic day!

Starts and Turns Clinic Nov. 6, 2016

What a fun group of swimmers and parents! Starts are always fun to work on because they require athleticism and power! The swimmers worked on turn progressions as well! Tons of smiles and laughter as you will see in these pictures! I even had a good laugh getting soaked trying to get the perfect picture, too! We hope to have them back for more Sun Devil Speed fun!

Freestyle Skill Breakdown at ASU on Oct. 16, 2016

I'm a little late getting this bunch of pictures posted, but these were a great group of swimmers! I had some really nice photos as the sun began to set! Our NCAA division I assistants did a fantastic job giving demonstrations and coaching in and out of the water. Coach Ryan really enjoyed coaching freestyle stroke techniques, drills and race application with our new clinic format.

Backstroke Skill Breakdown Clinic on October 9, 2016

The first session of our new series of clinics launched last Sunday! New drills, new focus of specific stroke techniques related to racing and lots of individual feedback and attention. Our NCAA division I swimmer assistants were in the water, making hands on corrections and Coach Ryan was focused on making these swimmers faster! Click on our gallery below to see lots of pictures: